For Attorneys

Mediation Solutions works with attorneys and encourages parties to seek legal advice from an attorney. Non-attorney mediators do not give legal advice, but they are skilled in helping parties reach agreement when they are represented by attorneys or represent themselves.

Advantages for Attorneys:

  • Mediation Solutions provides attorneys and their staffs the ability to make one phone call to set a mediation session with a trained mediator. Instead of the attorney’s legal assistant making numerous calls to work with everyone’s schedule, our team handles scheduling freeing your staff to work on other projects.
  • Mediation Solutions provides a neutral venue of mediation between parties and their attorneys. Clients may feel uneasy meeting in the conference room of an opposing party. That uneasiness is removed by meeting in a neutral Mediation Solutions location.
  • Mediation Solutions provides attorneys with professional support including wireless connectivity, conference rooms and caucus meeting space, insuring the facilitation of successful mediations.

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